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Life After Divorce – Sharing That After The Initial Pain Life Goes On And That Divorce Creates Opportunity

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Mark Ford

Back in the spring of 1991 Mark Ford woke up next to his wife, who he dearly loved, and he was met with the life shattering words, “I want a divorce”. As I listened to these words putting my suit on to go to work in the court office, and just with six days to go before breaking up to revise for my Law Society final examinations, my life fell apart.

What happened then Mark?

> I felt empty and lonely.

> I failed my lawyers exams, although eventually in 1994 I won through and qualified as a UK lawyer due to a no quit attitude.

> I turned to drink to mask my inner feelings.

> I went into a bout of deep depression.

> I felt sorry for myself.

> I was telling everyone that I was not doing the studies just for me but for a better life for the family.

> How dare she? – when in fact a realization I had later was that the loss was due to a lack of balance and not spending time with my son (three at the time) and my wife and just studying in all the spare time I had.

> I partied hard, again to cover up the emotional feelings I had rather than face them, starting an entertainment agency that I successfully ran for 10 years.

> I made it about me and blamed everyone else until….

One day I woke the hell up, took ownership of it all and decided that I cannot go on this way. My son deserves more, my family deserves more, my friends deserve more. More than what… more than a shivering wreck of the person I used to be and that I cannot be an integral part of these persons lives where I impact them and add value to the relationships when I am drunk half the time, or making it all about me, blaming others and up all night partying. So what did you do?…

I created new networks, minimized the impact on my son making sure he was with me once a fortnight on the weekends and once in the week, and basically I re-designed my life.

I turned the divorce into opportunity. I decided that no more will I stand at the start of the tunnel and look at the new life and light at the end of the tunnel and refuse to walk through it. I would kick myself up the backside, get out in the world and help and inspire others and walk through that tunnel to a new life full of opportunity. You see, it is as simple as this. There is life after divorce and opportunity after divorce. A divorce by it’s very nature creates new opportunities. The only question is will we take therm or stay where we are. I did, will you?

In the life after divorce video below I talk about this more.

Life After Divorce – Watch The Video To Learn More Of My Story!

Divorced home business lifestyle coach, Mark Ford, shares his message that there is life after divorce and gives messages of hope.

Access The Life After Divorce Video Series Here

From divorced lawyer turned entertainment agent, from entertainment agent turned property developer and investor and now having the freedom to travel worldwide through living a home business lifestyle, Mark Ford turned the depression after divorce into opportunity and created a new lifestyle for himself.

Are you suffering from depression after divorce and are you looking for motivation after divorce to change your life.

The choice is to sink or swim, so swim and look at divorce as an opportunity to experience a new lifestyle where you choose what you do, and when you do it.

What did I do? Well, I explain more in the life after divorce video above. However, one of the things I did, and I would like to inspire you to do the same, is looked into starting an internet business as a solution to build a new life.

If you are looking to start a new life after divorce take a look at this free online business star up bundle and learn more about how I, and you can too, broke free of the energy sagging feelings within me to create a new lifestyle, a digital and laptop lifestyle through an online business.

I wish you every success in building a home business lifestyle and recovering from divorce.

home business lifestyle coaching

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